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3 Ways to get Listing Leads in Your Own Neighborhood

So you have been living in your neighborhood for quite a while and you have been wondering how you can get the listings in your own neighborhood. I mean, it is your neighborhood, why would your neighbors trust an agent who doesn’t live in there to sell their home? Unless there is another top agent in your neighborhood, there is no other agent out there who is more skilled for the job than you.

Below are a few ways on how you can turn your neighbors into possible listing leads.

One: Join your HOA

Being a part of your neighborhoods home owners association is a great way to get possible listing leads. There are a few different ways you could be a part of your neighborhood home owners association. The first thing you should do is attend a few meetings to get a feel on how it is ran. From there you could join some committees and even become one of the board members. By being active in your home owners association you will know firsthand what is happening in your neighborhood. Your neighbors will know you are active in attending and will also know you sell real estate and will see you as a representative of the community. By attending the home owners association meetings, you will have the inside scoop on who is selling and when.

Two: Go door to door

Get our in your neighborhood and start knocking on all of the doors. Greet each neighborhood by letting them know that you are their neighbor, (that way they won’t slam the door in your face). Let them know that you are the neighborhood real estate agent and if for any reason they have any questions on their property to contact you. Try and take down their email address to let them know you will be emailing them every quarter with recent sales in the neighborhood. The goal here is to build a clean email list for all of your neighbors. Use a company like Mail Chip to blast out your bulk emails.

Three: Mail out fliers

Mail out a flier every quarter with the recent homes that sold and also homes that are for sale. On the flier be sure to mention that you live in the neighborhood, you are the neighborhood expert and that you are active in the home owners association. You can get great deals on mailing fliers today with “every door direct mail” this program will mail to everyone in the neighborhood without having to label the addresses which saves you money as the postal worker can just unload on the whole neighborhood vs sorting and checking each address.