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Make residual referral income through promoting this rebate program to corporations all over the U.S. 

Large corporations typically pay a lot of money to relocation companies to handle their corporate relocation for their employees. The relocation company will assist the corporation's employees with either a rebate at closing from the real estate agent's commission or will pay for their move and or storage costs. They typically get this money from the assigned real estate agent's commission. Smaller corporations typically cannot afford to use a relocation company as they charge a lot of money for a membership to get the benefits a relocation company provides. We can fill this void for them for free.

By being an active agent with Park Place, you have the ability to contact any company in the U.S. and get them on board with our real estate benefits program. We will provide them with their own website which will have your info so they can contact you when their employees need an agent. Here is an example of what that page would look like. The service that we provide them is completely free. We can match their employee with a top agent and get that agent in a contract to rebate them back 15% of their real estate commission at closing. 

Any company that you bring on board will be your company for all of their employees to receive a rebate as long as they buy or sell real estate in the states marked in blue. The commission structure would be a bit different. When we set them up with a top agent, the total referral fee the assigned agent would have to pay is 30% of the gross commission on either the buy or the sell side. 15% (half of the 30% referral fee) would go back to the corporate employee at closing, the other 7.5% would go to you and the remaining 7.5% would go to Park Place. Any company you sign up would be residual income back to you once their employees use this program for their real estate needs. See below for a step by step process on how to make this work for you! 

States that allow Real Estate Rebates are in Blue

See the Department of Justice website here regarding Real Estate Rebates. 

Step 1. How to find the right company to contact

The first thing you need to do is figure out what area of the U.S. that you want to market this program to companies in the U.S. Consider companies in areas with a hot demand for real estate purchases and also areas that have high real estate values. A simple google search on this topic will give you the data you need. Do not market to the states that are not in blue in the map above as these states do not allow real estate rebates from a real estate agent's commission so it will not work. Also, think twice about promoting this to companies in New Jersey as they allow the real estate rebate to buyers only and not to sellers. 

Once you know the area of the country that you want to focus on, the next step is figuring out which companies to contact and pitch this free program to. A great place to start is the Chamber of Commerce for that county. Most all chamber of commerce websites have a directory of all of their business members with contact information. Here is an example of one in Seminole County, Florida. A simple google search will give you the info on the Chamber of Commerce, type in google for example "Chamber of Commerce Seminole County Florida", it should pull up. Go through their directory and figure out which companies to do more research on. 

Your next step is figuring out how many employees each company has. It is best to target a company that has a minimum of 20+ employees, the more employees the more potential. You can use a website like, simply plug in the area and then the full company name and see if their company pulls up. If so, all of the data should be right there. If not, a simple phone call to the company will do, we'll explain that further below. Another possible way to find the amount of employees online is going to, and plugging in the company name to see if it pulls up. Another possible source is

Step 2. Contacting the company and pitching the program 

Once you have found the company you want to pitch the program to, the next step is calling them. Remember, this program is completely free and there is no obligation on their part. Unless they have a relocation company that they are using, there should be no reason why they would not want this program for their employees real estate needs. 

When calling ask to speak to the human resources director, if there is none ask for the owner of the company. Once on the phone let them know that you saw that they were a part of the local chamber of commerce and you were contacting them on behalf of Park Place to offer our real estate benefits to their company which does not cost anything whatsoever. We also would provide them a free website for their company explaining the benefits. If they are ok to talk at that point, find out if they are already using a relocation company and also find out how many employees that they do have. From there just let them know how we can help their company employees with their real estate transactions all over. We are able to set them up with a top agent in the following states in blue above above on any real estate transaction minus rentals. The top agent we refer them to we will get them in an agreement to rebate their employee back 15% of that agents real estate commission at closing which would save them on average thousands of dollars. If they agree to move forward with the program you would just need to take down the companies full name, contact full name, a phone number and a email address and input it on the form below. We would then build their website page which links to your website page. They can see an example of this website page at  

Find out from the company contact how they are going to market this to their employees. See if they can put this on their website for their employees to go to or if they have a company newsletter. Just make sure they are actually going to use this program before we move forward with building their webpage. 

Step 3. Input the companies info on our form

Once you get the conformation from the company contact to move forward, input their info below so we have it on file. We can then build their webpage within 5 business days. When we are done building their webpage we will email you the link for you to then forward to the companies direct contact. Make sure they did receive it and talk it over with them how they will market this webpage to their employees.

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Thank you for contacting us. We will get back to you as soon as possible

Step 4. Receiving residual referrals and following up 

Once the company that you have signed up for this program is all set up, you should hopefully start receiving leads from them from time to time. Be sure to always check your inbox to see if one of the employees has filled out the form for you to contact them. If they do, give them a call and let them know you are with Park Place Realty Network their companies real estate benefits program (make up a good pitch to contact them with). Find out which company they are with so you know they qualify for this program (this could also be a lead for you from another source like a friend or family member of yours if they have your website address) so make to double check who you are talking with. Explain the program to them that we can set them up with a top agent and then get them in agreement to rebate them back 15% of the agents commission. If they need for you to explain to them how much that is, figure out the numbers. Example: $400,000 sale price, x 3% standard real estate commission, x 15% back to them = $1,800 at closing. The broker we refer this to will be responsible for rebating this commission at closing. The broker would then pay us the remaining 15%, 7.5% to you and 7.5% to Park Place. 

From time to time do a follow up with the company that is with this program. Send them an email or give your company contact a call to see how they are promoting this program. Try to figure out ways how they can always improve on getting this out to their employees that way their employees can take advantage of the real estate rebate.

If you take advantage of this program and work it correctly it can be very beneficial to you as you should expect a residual stream of business from each company you bring on board. As long as you are active with us these will be your clients for future business time and time again. Imagine a large company who has multiple employees in which all have jobs and are the perfect home buyer or seller. They trust their employer and the benefits they provide. This program is doing them a great service as we truly are setting them up with a top notch agent who can rebate them a portion of the commission at closing. This program works on all types of real estate excluding rentals.