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Park Place Realty Network Rules for Business Cards

If you would like business cards, please go to, we have several templates set up there. Below is a list of the rules for what you can put on your business cards. Please use this page as a guide for filling out the business card information at

Title: Below is a list of the four names Park Place Agents can use. You cannot use the term Realtor whatsoever.

  1. Licensed Real Estate Associate
  2. New Home Referral Agent
  3. Real Estate Referral Agent
  4. Real Estate Sales Liaison

Send us an email if you have other preferences of titles you'd like to use.

Address: It is best to leave the address blank as most of our agents do not live anywhere near our office in Lake Mary, Florida and that would just confuse your prospects. Do not put your personal address instead as the Real Estate commissions will not allow that. If you do want to use our office address, you may. The address is 2500 W. Lake Mary Blvd Suite 220, Lake Mary FL, 32746. 

Phone: Please only provide your cell phone, direct number, toll free number, or your direct fax number. Our office number or fax number should not be on your business cards as you would like anyone who receives your card to be able to get a hold of you directly.

Email: Use your own personal email address that you check often so you don't miss a potential referral. 

Website: Use the webpage that we have built for you. If we have not made you a website yet, you can sign up here. 

Quotes: Below is a couple of quote ideas that you can use on the front of your business cards. If you would like to come up with your own quote, simply email us and we will let you know if it is in compliance.

"Contact me before Any Real Estate transaction, I will make sure you're with the right Agent"

"Connecting you with Real Estate Professionals all over the World"

"Your source for your Real Estate needs anywhere in the World"

"Your Real Estate Connection, Worldwide & Locally"

"Contact me for any of your Real Estate needs, anywhere in the World"

"Connecting you with any Builder in the State"