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Market yourself on for Free is a great way to market yourself and your website at no cost. On their website they have a Q&A section with a place to also input your website address for it to be visible by anyone who uses trulia. The good part is, after you have answered the person's question, your info with your website address stays there for future prospects to see and click. Make sure not to answer specific questions as your information is now on the web and you could be held liable for anything you put out there. We give you examples below on how you should answer certain questions.

To start, go to

-Once in their website, go to the top of the page, hover your mouse over "more", scroll down to advice, and then click on Q&A.

-Once in the Q&A section, you can click on home buying or home selling. In these sections, there are literally buyers & sellers of real estate asking for advice from real estate agents. You can answer their question and plug yourself and your website.

*The location will typically default to where you live. You can change the location on the hand right side. Maybe you want to target an area that has higher priced buyers & sellers.

-You can see below I answered one of the questions on the trulia Q&A under the home buying tab. When answering a question, you can plug your website twice, once on the body of the comment and the other under the web reference. Make sure you type http://www. when typing in the web address on both areas.

*If you do not have an account with Trulia, it will ask you to sign up once you respond to your first question. You do not need to give out your name, just an email account will do.

When responding to these questions, don't give too much advice. Find the posts that are literally asking you who they can talk to about their real estate needs. Just let them know what you do and that you can set them up with a top real estate agent at no cost. Once they go to your website, they can see what you do and how you can help them and hopefully fill out your online form to move forward.

If you do not have your Park Place website built, you can fill out our form here.